Computer Generated


This album was Generated by the SongCreator

Three Dimensional


This album was Generated by the SongVisualizer (improved after Computer Generated)

The Next Step

Build SongCreator,SongVisualizer
Maintain SongCreator
Maintain SongVisualizer
Build & Maintain Website
4. Release Alpha/Beta


This project allows you to create and edit your own songs through Guitar Pro 5.
Written in Tkinter and PyGuitarPro.

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This project allows you to visualize your songs as you play, inspired by Guitar Hero and Rocksmith. Written in Pygame and PyGuitarPro.

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Video Demonstration


Check out my YouTube channel at for more videos.


Feature Description
Open Guitar Pro Files Access and read Guitar Pro files with ease.
Generate Guitar Pro Files Create and save new Guitar Pro files from scratch.
Visualize Guitar Pro Files See your songs come to life in a visually engaging way.
Modify Guitar Pro Files Edit and adjust your Guitar Pro files with a user-friendly interface.
Song Statistics Gain insights into how your songs are written and organized.
Greater Customization Experience better customization options than Rocksmith Toolkit, with fewer steps required.
Quality of Life Updates Stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and features.


The registration system is currently under development. Please check back later for updates.


  • 1. Build SongCreator: Achieve a stable version able to generate and customize songs based on user preferences, keys, scales, and other Guitar Pro musical tablature songwriting aspects.
  • 2. Build SongVisualizer: Goal accomplished! We have a stable version of the program that opens Guitar Pro 5 notation and visualizes it in the style of Rocksmith and Guitar Hero. The program supports a variety of time signatures, tempos, note lengths, and other musical language elements.
  • 3. Build Website: Integrate the website with the projects to support file uploads, downloads, and statistics. Establish a global hub to synchronize project data across multiple devices, ensuring consistent user experience.
  • 4. Release Alpha/Beta: Develop the website, projects, and user registration system to work together, incorporating serial keys and user registration. Maintain a database of song data and enable collaborations among users. This multi-year project will evolve over time to achieve these goals.

Audio Demonstration


Visit my SoundCloud podcast at, where I use the software to record.